General Terms and Conditions

Registered under no. 32166958 at the Chamber of Commerce in Amersfoort

Article 1

1.1 These general Terms and Conditions shall apply to all proposals and quotations made by IRES Netherlands Relocations, hereinafter called IRES Netherlands, to all agreements concluded with IRES Netherlands and to all assignments granted to IRES Netherlands whereby IRES Netherlands undertakes to provide services or execute an assignment.

1.2 Any applicability of terms and conditions of the other party, hereinafter called ‘Client’ is explicitly excluded hereby. Any deviation from these terms and conditions shall be agreed upon after prior mutual consent and in writing.

Article 2

2.1 Proposals and quotations of IRES Netherlands are free of obligation. Quotations proposals are valid for 1 month from the date of issuance thereof.

2.2 All quotations/proposals are based on the information received by IRES Netherlands from the Client at such time when the offers are made. In the event of any changes in the circumstances on which IRES Netherlands has based the aforesaid offer, IRES Netherlands will be authorized to take these changes into account in the performance of the obligation(s) and/or agreement(s) and/or to adjust the prices, provided this is confirmed to the client in writing.

2.3 All proposals by or on behalf of IRES Netherlands will be made in writing. The legal relationship between IRES Netherlands and the Client will not exist until the quotation or proposal has been accepted by the Client explicitly and in writing, or when the Client has received confirmation of the assignment, in writing, from IRES Netherlands.The activities and/or services of IRES Netherlands are offered at a price exclusive of Dutch Value Added Tax.

2.4 An agreement is deemed to be made at such when IRES Netherlands has accepted a signed agreement in writing, or has started the execution of the assignment.

2.5 IRES Netherlands is obliged to perform to the best of its abilities, however IRES Netherlands cannot guarantee results.

Article 3

3.1 Client is entitled to cancel an assignment before IRES Netherlands has succeeded its activities. Cancellation must be in writing to supplier. Client will compensate IRES Netherlands as follows: assessment provided, approval to move forward with case contact with new employee has been made - 50% of the quoted fee.

3.2 In case of extra work, IRES Netherlands is obliged to mention the amount of extra work and the extra costs to the client in writing prior to execution of services. The Client must explicitly agree with the extra work and costs before IRES Netherlands will render the services.

Article 4

4.1 Invoice amounts are to be paid within 30 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. If the Client does not pay an invoice within the period agreed, he she shall, without any further notice of default, be liable for payment of Dutch statutory commercial interest over the full amount as per date of invoice for each month or part of each month in which the Client did not fully comply with its obligation. Any Judicial and extra judicial costs incurred by IRES Netherlands resulting from the Client’s failure to meet his/her obligations shall be borne by the Client. Extra-judicial costs shall be fixed at 15% of the capital sum, with a minimum of €112,- and shall be immediately claimable by IRES Netherlands.

4.2 In case payment of any amount to IRES Netherlands is overdue, and also in the event of a bankruptcy petition, the granting of suspension of payment or the closing down of the business of the Client, IRES Netherlands will be entitled to suspend and/or cease her obligations arising from the agreement, or to proceed to dissolving the agreement, without prejudicing the right of IRES Netherlands to claim full damages on the basis of the hourly fee applicable at the time. In these cases IRES Netherlands shall never be obliged to pay any damages to the client.

Article 5

5.1 With regards to the work performed by IRES Netherlands , IRES Netherlands will not be liable for damages or any other loss whatsoever that may arise , including any lost profit is excluded.

5.2 IRES Netherlands will never be liable for any damage caused to third parties, persons and/or goods and/or monies while providing services.

5.3 IRES Netherlands cannot be held liable for shortcomings that are or were beyond its control.

5.4 IRES Netherlands cannot be held liable for (financial) decisions made by Client or it’s employees.

5.5 All circumstances (including but not limited to war, mobilization, riots, disturbances, flooding, blocked shipping and other blocking of transport, stagnation in or restriction or termination of supplies by public utility companies, fire and other accidents, government measures, non-delivery of necessary documents/visas to IRES Netherlands by third parties and other unforeseen circumstances) which disturb normal business operations and delay or in all reasonableness render impossible the performance of an obligation or obligations and/or an agreement or agreements occurring beyond the control of IRES Netherlands (irrespective of whether they were foreseeable or not when the obligation(s) and/or agreement(s) were effected) and which are of such a nature that compliance with the obligation(s) and/or agreement(s) cannot in all reasonableness be required of IRES Netherlands, constitute force majeure and cannot result in any imputable failure on the part of IRES Netherlands.

Article 6

6.1 IRES Netherlands will always work in the best interest of the Client and will execute services in accordance with the agreement.

6.2 IRES Netherlands will hold confidential information in confidence, using such degree of care as is appropriate to avoid unauthorized use of disclosure.

Article 7

7.1 If, due to circumstances unforeseen at the time of conclusion of an agreement, an appointment or activities cannot be fully or partly performed on the agreed date, IRES Netherland will be entitled in consultation with the client to postpone the appointment or activities to a later date.

Article 8

8.1 Agreement between IRES Netherlands and Client are subject to legislation of the Netherlands. Any dispute arising out of the agreement and/ or work order will be brought before the Court within the District of Hilversum, unless IRES Netherlands wishes to submit the dispute to another Court.

I was so overwhelmed by the process of looking for a house, since there are a lot of things I needed to take into account. Esther of Ires Netherlands is very friendly and gave me a lot information about the different neighborhoods in and around Amsterdam, helped me to request and accompany me to the viewings. She also pointed out what needs to be checked carefully in the house, or before signing the contract.

Tuyen Luong (Thomas) / Data Engineer II bij

I would like to take a moment to express my utmost satisfaction with our exceptional agent Carolien of Ires Netherlands, a truly outstanding person and professional. Throughout our entire journey, Carolien exhibited an incredible level of motivation and dedication to assisting us in finding our dream home and it was evident in every step she took. Her profound knowledge of the market was truly impressive.


I used Ires Netherlands Relocations service to find my first rental house in the Netherlands. I worked with Liesel from Ires’s team and I’m incredibly pleased with the service I received. Liesel answered all my questions with in-depth explanations, ensuring I fully understood what I was doing and why it was necessary. Finding a home can be daunting, but their expertise and professionalism made it super smooth for us. I would highly recommend Ires for their service.

Vikalp Tripathi

Liesel is one of the first people I met when I moved to The Netherlands. It is very hard to navigate the housing situation when you’re in a new country but Liesel was always there to support me. She ensured that I understood the entire process, worked with me to get me a great house and even occasionally reached out afterwards to ensure I was comfortable. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Liesel!

Ragav Dua