Follow up package

You have started your new job, found a nice place to live, kids are on a nice school and then …… we can still support you with the following:

  • Explain the public transport system
  • Obtaining Dutch Child Care support allowance
  • Inform you about sport clubs for children, or other child activities in the new area
  • Introduce the adults into the local sportclubs, cultural events, workshops etc
  • Organize Dutch lessons
  • How do you find a babysitter and or a domestic help
  • Assistance during the first few months ¬†after moving into the new property with all correspondence that arrives in Dutch and to answer all questions that come up in the first months after the relocation

Let us, at Ires Netherlands, help you by showing you around, explaining Dutch day to day live to you and assist you.

Interested… call or send us an email